Pornhub Political Survey…

The Pornhub political survey results are in

Pornhub released the results of the most in-depth political survey performed in this presidential election. The Pornhub political survey took place between December 21, 2015 and February 29, 2016. ThePornSurvey  presents you each table corresponding to the PornHub presidential election results. What do the results mean adn what we can conclude? It is easy; Hillary Clinton and porn don’t get along well. Actually just reading Hillary Clinton and porn in the same sentence is so wrong! On the other hand, the porn survey shows that porn fans have a preference for candidates that are in favor of marijuana. With regards to the correlation between Donald Trump and porn, it appears that porn surfers are Trump supporters, too. Based on how Trump’s comments about migrants and arabic people have been taken by the masses, it would be interesting to see a debate between Donald Trump and professional cocksucker Mia Kahlifa.

The Porn presidential survey considered over 371,000 voting porn fans, which makes The Pornhub political survey very representative,  if compared  with the ones released by mainstream media. Check out the findings and share your opinion with us.

Note: The Pornhub Political Survey is closed; however, you can take the following surveys:

It seems that Bernie Sanders is way over with the porn fans.

Pornhub presidential survey

Trump is Thriumphant on the Republican side

Pornhub presidential survey trump

Hillary Clinton is not favored by porn fans.. Please don’t pull a Monica Lewinsky!! That definitively won’t help!

Pornhub presidential survey hillary


In a nutshell, Bernie wants Marijuana, porn survers want it too!

porn survey marijuana

porn survey marijuana pornhub

porn survey marijuana gender

pornhub survey 2016

pornhub survey marijuana candidates

The majority is against gun control.

Porn survey gun control

porn survey gun control sex

pornhub marijuana survey age

porn survey gun control candidate

The 53.6% of the ones polled in the Pornhub political survey believe in climate change while the 20.8% consider it to be a myth.

Porn survey climate change
Porn survey gun control 2016
pornhub survey gun control age

Porn survey gun control trump

In conclusion, the ones who answered the porn presidential survey have provided results everyone expected based on recent news. Hillary is going down; however, Bernie Sanders gains more supporters each time thanks to his views, while Trump gets stronger on the Republican side. Remember, check us out for more updates and regardless of your views on climate change, we know you need some Porn to keep you warmer on this winter!